Resources To Help With Immediate Hunger - "Devastation Program" May Be Of Help

Everyone (individual and organized alike) pooling into one main group with a purpose, will allows the Organized Group to raise the funds needed in less than a week, to donate towards the devastation of the current areas hit; flooding, earthquakes, tornados, droughts, fires, hurricanes, snow and ice storms and let us not forget the hidden devastation of massive job layoffs.

How Do We Help The Community When Devastation Hits?

When these things happen, people become unsettled and unrested. There is no time for figuring out what to do next, much less, how to pay bills that still need paying, food that still needs eating and shelter. No work, no ability to get there, loss of wages, the list goes on with the amount of variant scenarios that can occur to a family.

Devastation is around us. It's not uncommon to scroll down your social media feed and within it entrapment of posting, there enlies the post of despair and urgency. Whether it be from a natural disaster or a major layoff, there are people who need help, services and

There are special organizations ready just for this task. Trained with the knowledge and love that only goes to rescuing those that are deviated in whatever circumstance there is.

Supplies are welcomed and needed and for many, knowledge about what to do next in terms of finances are ignored.

As a former wound nurse, a doctor once told me in the ER. 'We are in the business of getting you fixed. If you want to look pretty after we sew you up...go to a plastic surgeon." That statement albeit a bit brash, holds true enough...if only we had access to the 'plastics department and the funding to do it' correct the devastation after we help the immediate wound.

Partnering with local communities that share Renewed Awakening's resources with family's that have been hit hard is our mission. We at Renewed Awakening are prepared to bridge that gap with its unique resources that covers everyone's needs. Both short and long term.

We Didn't Forget About This Category...

We have the solution for those in need of funds while they rejoin the workforce. A freedom that has been successful for over a decade with the members, by the members. Renewed Awakening is now a part of that community and we now ​share that with you.

We leave no one behind which is why we also listed those who have been laid off. There are very few current programs that steps in to help educate, guide and financially give to this sector of business.

They have already been hit with a hard blow of the news, many don't know what is available out there in terms of income and how to get food while they are trying to scramble and wrap their heads on how to make ends meet.


We have two ways your organizations can get involved ​when this occurs.

We have a "Super Growth" fund built within these communities that allows a participant a way to rapidly raise funding needed to help the local community need. Within these programs, the group or groups of organizations pool together to raise the needed funds within the group and then the groups makes a personal donation to the cause to help with what ever the needs are governed for.

This "SuperGrowth" funding method is Guaranteed funding and has been working for over 15 years. Click here to know more about the program.

The second way is to share our educational flyers & postcards via handouts or email or text to their cell phones so that the victims can reach out on their own for additional resources to help them in their efforts to restore what was lost. These materials cover the highlights​

of what is on this website and directs them towards the resources they so desperately need.

Want To Be Part Of Awesomeness?

For more information or to be a part of this growing list so that we are all trained and on standby... whether it is just to pass out our information of resources to the needed or to participate in a super growth funding, please leave your detailed information below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


“We don’t have a food shortage in the U.S., we have a food logistics problem.” We have to be creative and tell the stories of the American hungry without resorting to the same images and worn out language usually attributed to that narrative in order to engage communities to care for each other without resorting to guilt and manipulation."

- Jeff Schacher