A Renewed Awakening
After Five Long Years...It Is Time To Awaken
The Beast

Meals On A Mission (MOAM) provides the missing link in fundraising for all organizations by offering a unique solution. These are weekly menu plans in a vast variety of categories that brings a whole new meaning to dinner time! The menus and organizations are showcased in a one of a kind website combined with novel prizes and a gaming platform invention that allows all donors to participate as they race the clock to “Earn” income for their cause as well as a company mission to reach the orphaned, trafficked and abused through our cooking schools programs.

"Meals On A Mission, The Fundraiser Changing The World, One Bite At A Time"

"An updated version of this explainer video will be released in 2019 as the company will be launching Early Fall of 2019" Click below to see how you can be a part of this historical awakening.

My baby that started it all. Placing me into the industry of my most beloved field...Food. Inspired I built a platform where we could bring families back to the dinner table and share the experience of cooking at home once again. Three years went into operations and development of this amazing fundraising hero. And then all at once. It went dormant as the crowdfunding campaign took a nose dive south.

With a heavy heart, I realized, I had become a victim of my own crusade in which I was to help others with raising funding, but couldn't even do it myself. Soon after that fateful announcement, my personal life took a turn of events and my dream was put on pause...for a very long...long time. It has been nearly 5 years since the launching of the crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds needed to complete the company goals; and although the crowdfunding wasn't a success, the company product, mission and cash flowing invention built ​within itself, was.

Since then I have grown immensely in my writings, videos, voiceovers, scripting and overall design of building businesses virtually. I have mastered many facets of the online world. I have connected with a vast network of amazing people and organizations.

And after 5 long years, with the heavens above as guidance, Meals On A Mission has come back to life full circle once again. ~Beverly Gonzalez


No more melted cheesecakes or thawed cookie dough. No more wrapping paper or candy bars. No more missing order forms or deliveries around town. MOAM does it right. Their mission is to ensure meals are the core foundation of families across America with just a ​single click of a button!

The problem? EVERYONE’s schedules—work, sports, dance, scouts, band practice, church…Meals on a Mission provides a solution to both the organization’s financial needs and the family’s needs for health and wellness

The family dinner table is the place that you can make a difference in the family’s health quota.


  • No contracts to sign
  • No order forms to fill, misplace or collect
  • No upfront money
  • Marketing materials included
  • Web site driven, you can send everyone to one place.
  • A clean-spirited, fun way to raise funds.
  • A straight donation page as an option for donating.
  • A solution priced to suit all income status.
  • A Weekly Meal Plan with different menu categories to choose from.
  • Live Goal Feed that shows the progress of the campaign.
  • Funding Invention that creates additional income so everyone can hit their goals.


We help everyone. I mean just about everyone in need from Churches, Non-Profit, to Communities in need. We even help with the tragic event of burying your loved one. This was created to be a place for all to earn and give back with a mission that connects us all. The hunger within is far beyond the stomach that is comes from.

We at MOAM make a conscious effort to keep the hunger at bay with education that will go far past generations as we learn to bring cooking back to the home while helping many.


In the divine Scheme of things and possibilities, life goes before us to prepare our souls for what lies ahead. Shaping our every desire to expand our awareness about life and thereafter.

​In today’s trying times, families are faced with decisions that will impact their lives and the lives of their loved ones. The sudden loss of a loved one can leave many feeling lost and displaced from themselves and life. It is important to remember that grief is a process and everyone goes through this process differently.

Surviving that loss can seem impossible to bear at times, especially in the first few weeks following the death. Challenging decisions regarding the financial planning alone can be very difficult for most to endure ​when they do not have

the finances or support to even have a proper service for that loved one.

MOAM consciously participates in the evolution of humanity by offering services and support that will emotionally, mentally, and physically ease long painful process. MOAM’s program, “In Remembrance of Me”, is designed to provide assistance to the families of the deceased. 60% of net sales of Weekly Meal Plans will be given to the funeral homes to cover the cost of the burial.

This burial cost will pre-negotiated and be given at a discount. The family will receive the remaining monies once the fundraising process is complete.

There are no prizes involved for this type of fundraising. We don’t believe we should be rewarded for helping to bury a child.


We have in place a unique way to offer prizes for all ages. This was made possible by working with various E-Gift card companies, ensuring the availability of meeting anyone’s needs. Thus encouraging and using us as a fundraising venue, having prizes to fit everyone’s needs and wants through Prizes for Causes.

MOAM set aside $0.50 per every purchase of a Weekly Meal Plan to go towards the child/persons goal of attaining a prize that they can choose to match their needs. It’s an amazing concept that is finally being used in the fundraising setting.


Advertising “Food Games For Funds” is a program involving cooking/food games. You can only play when the GAME BUTTON pops up on the “bio page”. It pops up only when the organization reaches a goal of 80%. This allows the organization a way to raise additional funds, as statistics show that most fail because of lack of funding at the 80% mark, most have exhausted all their networks for donations. The participating donors are notified through a secret method (announced when the company launches) and

then everyone comes together to play games on a platform that is a working cash flowing Patent Pending Invention earning fast income and donated by MOAM to their organization. The company keeps 20%. The Mission Outreach gets 20%. And 60% of the ad revenue is distributed to the organizations to ensure that the organizations are allotted exactly 10% of their needed goal funded.


Our product has a mission behind it as well.

  • With 10% net of every Menu fundraising and monthly subscriptions  purchase,
  • 20% net of Ad spots,
  • 20% net of Food Games For Funds,

Monthly NET funds (generated from advertisement sales of the invention, net menu sales which include both the subscription and the fundraising programs) will go towards ​the Mission program.

This program will create many local community cooking classes for the youth as well as teaching them about growing food on their own.

The youth participate in building and maintaining unique ​food gardens in the community

using the latest green technology which allows vegetation to flourish in challenging areas.

The harvest will be sold in order to provide financial assistance to the monthly food expenses for the cooking classes, imprinting social responsibility and awareness at an early stage in life.

In addition the participating schools youth will host a bi-annual ‘Tasting Gala’ to show off their cooking skills for invited guests - the children from local organizations such as orphaned, abused or trafficked safe homes.

And the "Children Chefs...will be serving the Children Guests" as we teach trust and love with food in the middle.


Time to renew this amazing company that has been dormant for so long. After learning about these "hidden communities" with programs that have been in place for over 15 years, we made the decision to look deeper into this and found that this works perfectly for an "Alternative Crowdfunding" solution for what we have been looking for. Using these programs has changed the way we think in terms of raising funds, but also allows us to share with the world, not only these amazing, life changing financial programs, but a solution for fundraising and hunger all in a circle...presenting itself as the

"Renewed Awakening of Meals On A Mission."

There are two hidden communities that have been ongoing for over 15 years strong that have created an environment to allow everyone a chance to afford not only food, but that well beyond the dinner table - rapidly and long term.

A freedom that has been successful for over a decade with the members, by the members. Renewed Awakening is now a part of that community and we now share that with you.

"When people were hungry, Jesus didn’t say, “Now is that political, or social?” He said, “I feed you.” Because the good news to a hungry person is bread.” ~Desmond Tutu