Renewed Awakening Is More Than Just A Mission To Curtail The Hidden Hunger That Looms Over American's Homes; As The Medium Income Barely Covers Fuel & Bills...MANY Have To Make A Choice Between Eating Or Surviving The Daily Demands Of Living. Most...Choose To Ignore Their Stomachs. ​We Found A Solution. It Starts With Us.

It was an encounter I will never forget. A spiritual awakening that happened on the phone while speaking with a new colleague that

would change my life forever. The conversation was piercing for both sides. I listened and spoke. And then it all came together. All at once.

While standing there with the phone in my hand, this ripple of madness was kicking in my soul as it yelled to me, "Stay In Your Lane".

For decades I have been chasing a dream that would allow me to help the world and myself. Jumping from industry to industry, from

opportunity to opportunity. Almost nomading into an existence that would leave me homeless, hopeless and defeated. Hunger became real, shelter became real, social life and the shame that came with my shortcomings....became very real. Experiencing life to extremes in what many only read about or watch on youtube became a reality for me. The fear and loss of dignity is almost paralyzing. As it knows no color, race or creed, it is the human core value of having significance in living. And all at was gone.

After that phone call, my faith, my computer and my brain would be the ultimately the way I was going to share what I knew with the world.

Stay In Your Lane" is what my spirit heard from afar as I realized what I was to do with all that I had learned and experienced over the

past two decades. It was time to bring it all together. Time to take it to the level it was intended to be at. A good General will not send His great army into battle sick, broke and defeated. There is no Glory for Him in that. God equipped each and everyone one of us to be a shining light of His testimony to the world. And so now as His soldier, I created a place were everyone can come and learn, build, share and grow in a way that you can give back to this circle and thus becoming part of that amazing light where it is dark.

Here I present to you, A "Renewed Awakening" where within the beautiful circle of the world's 'Current Hunger Crusaders' lies

dormant, an additional concealed answer that connects everyone involved into FIVE hidden financial communities going strong now, combined with

my own crusade to educate on breaking the cycle of hunger; this goal is met by starting with hope and education....and ending with additional income for each human that will gain better access to options, necessities and the overall health of the person.

"It is not just the hunger that's the financial defeat that lingers past the stomach pain." ~Beverly Gonzalez

A former Wound Nurse and Hyperbarics Director, a Life and Health Insurance Agent, and master of online development with over 20 years of Web Design and Marketing, founded and built 5 online companies and is now sharing the good news to all in one place.

Renewed Awakening is not associated with any government agency or nonprofit organization. We list resources that help with The Hidden Food Crisis throughout the US and educate via podcasting, blogging and other external news mediums.